1. 2005 Nissan Versa
    Works, might need a new battery since it has sat a few months. Was Emily’s daily driver until we all just started driving everywhere together. We call it “The Rental Car” now since when friends come to town, they use it.
  2. 1972 Dodge Dart
    The Pat Classic. Needs a new starter relay, have it, just need to install it.
  3. 1974 Yamaha RD250
    Need to hookup gas tank after de-rustifying it. Bought this from Keegan when he needed money and it immediately needed a bunch of work since the carb was full of rust bits.
  4. 1993 Ford Ranger Pickup
    Works, but battery is dead. Emily bought this one for garden runs, we would use it daily, but it had been broken into like 5 times when parked in front of our house.
  5. 1984 Toyota Sunrader RV
    Battery is dead, anything else? Currently in Pasco at my sister’s. Bought this when I thought for a hot minute I’d live in it during the divorce. Vinnie wants it now. We’ll see.
  6. 2020 Kubota BX-2380 Compact Tractor
    Works great, this thing is rad.
  7. 2020 Yamaha TW200
    Bought before we had the baby or the farm, originally for woods and stuff, maybe has 100 miles on it.
  8. 2018 Toyota Land Cruiser
    Love this thing, mostly so we can haul us and another family on adventures at the same time.
  9. 2016 Volkswagen eGolf
    Second eGolf I've owned, last one was a 2015. Bought this one used as a personal “carbon offset” for the Land Cruiser. To me this is the ultimate city car, only has 80mi range, but that lasts all week and it charges over night.
  10. 2006 Diahatsu Hi-Jet 4WD Kei Truck
    For the farm, thing is awesome.

Listed in order of purchase.

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