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Easter Morning 2022

Easter Morning 2022

🐇 Easter morning, 2022.

This is my bunny, my little bear.

How can someone change so much in under a year but always be the same?

It’s been an amazing adventure so far; days blending into each other for weeks, but also a single day feeling like a lifetime.

Yesterday there was no crawling and today there is.

Yesterday it was just an endless stream of vowels, today it’s the beginning pop of a p on her lips, and tomorrow could be the full word: papa.

Two years ago she was just a hope, a year later the idea and kicking legs of a future Emily carried inside her, and now, on this Easter, a little bunny living with us, waking us up, moving us forward through time.

It all happens so slowly, but also overnight.

The unknown texture of the grass that once scared her now fills her with a smile, with wonder. What is this flower? How far can I go? How are the trees so tall?

All these questions she has, you can see them in the sparkle or her eyes, long before the words to ask them are known to her.

As I rattle this off with two thumbs on my phone on the couch, she’s across the room eating a yogurt pop on her own, talking to the baby doing the same in the mirror. She turns to look at me and waves—her wave is still just raising her hand out in front of her and making her tiny fingers do a slight grasping motion, “hello papa.”

“Hello, bunny. Happy Easter.”

A bunch of essays, photos and thoughts by Pat Castaldo.