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It's me.

It's me.

🧔🏻 Hey. It’s me.

I think this camera makes me beard look whiter than it is. I’m no 🧙🏻‍♂️, not yet.

I’m drinking a beer (a Bud Light, if you must know) after doing a few hours of yard work. I love doing it and this is a nice little treat.

It’s spring.

I’m enjoying the sun setting.
I’m enjoying the temperature of the air, which is perfect.
I’m enjoying the smell of the grass.
I’m really enjoying the beer.

And even though my allergies have me sniffling, just a little bit, I love it.

This spring is a crazy time of change. Time of growth. Time we were finally getting out of this period of life that has been so, so weird.

There’s hope on the horizon.

And while the sun is setting tonight, it’s going to rise again tomorrow.

And I think it’s gonna be another good day.

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