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Mother's Day 2021

Mother's Day 2021

🌺 Mother's Day, 2021.

I feel incredibly lucky right now — It has already been an amazing experience to watch firsthand this woman I love so much become a mother, and baby isn't even here yet.

She's going to be a great mama; I see it everyday in the big ways, like how she's been nesting the house and preparing the nursery; but in the tiny ways, too, where she's slowly and softly rub her belly, when she doesn't know I'm watching, whispering comfort to the little one inside.

I'm excited for every day of this; I'm carefully balancing the "hurry up already, little one, and come to papa" with the slow savoring of watching a belly get slightly bigger each morning as the sun creeps across the floor into our bedroom and onto both of them, asleep.

I like these private, quiet times, that are just us two, in the morning. But also look so hope-filled forward to the times of three.


I know Mother's Days are complicated for a lot of folks; and my relationship with my own mom is often contentiously complicated. You can't deny how much a combination of their presence and absence affects and molds how you are, who you are. It is different for each of us.

There are people I know who want to be mothers and can't — and I'm thinking about them today, too.

I watched my nearly 16-year-old—this amazing kid who I've seen grow so much during this last year alone—pick out things for his mother yesterday, and I felt lucky and privileged to be a part of that, too. Watching how much he loves her, wanting to make sure she knows how much—I tear up now thinking about it—and knowing how much she does him.

That's what today is to me.

A complicated, yet hopeful affair full of love for those I'm lucky enough to know.

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